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Evaluations and Therapeutic Services

Social Cipher


Socio-emotional learning game and neurodivergent resources


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Ochsner at The Grove - Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Services

10310 The Grove Blvd, Baton Rouge, LA 70810

Offers evaluations and counseling services


Accepts Most Insurances

Referral needed


(225) 761-5200

OLOL Pediatric Development & Therapy Center 

8415 Goodwood Blvd Suite 200, Baton Rouge, LA 70806

Outpatient facility that offers ASD evaluations and a variety of therapies to help families and children (0-18) affected by ASD and other developmental disorders.

Referral and Intake Packet Required for all new Patients. 

Intake Process takes about 3-6 months

Accepts most insurance, including Medicaid.

(225) 765-6346

Dr. Steven Felix - Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician

4611 Bluebonnet Boulevard, Suite B, Baton Rouge, LA 70809

Private Practice Physician

Evaluates for ASD and can be part of a care team.

Private pay only - Usually is able to diagnose in 1 session. If needing diagnostic measures for school, etc. a second appointment will be scheduled.

1st appointment - $600

2nd Appointment- $550

Dr. Felix 

(225) 926-7500

BIG (Behavioral Intervention Group)

8180 Siegen Ln, Baton Rouge, LA 70810

Learning center dedicated to helping improve the quality of life for children (0-7) diagnosed with ASD, or with other developmental disorders.

Accepts most insurance.

Some services require an ASD diagnosis.

(225) 757-8002

Jefferson Neurobehavioral Group

3939 Houma Blvd, Building 6, Suite 223, Metairie, LA 70006

 They have an office in Baton Rouge but the doctor that does ASD evaluations is in Metairie.


Accepts some insurances.

Booked until August

Jefferson Behavioral Health

(504) 304-9259

LSU Psychological Services

Louisiana State University, Johnston Hall #33, Baton Rouge 70803

Offers evaluations and counseling services

Fees based on client's ability to pay

Appointments made months in advance


(225) 578-1494

1315 Jefferson Highway, New Orleans, LA 70121

Offers Evaluations, treatment and medication management for ASD.. 


need a referral.

3-6 month waitlist

The Boh Center

(504) 493-2019

The Emerge Center

7784 Innovation Park Dr, Baton Rouge, LA 70820

Facility utilizing evidence-based therapies to help families and children facing ASD or other communication challenges.

May offer diagnostic services.

Accepts most insurances, including Medicaid.

Medicaid clients are asked to fax a physician referral prior to scheduling.

(225) 343-4232

Autism Center at Children's Hospital NOLA

210 State Street Building 11 New Orleans, LA 70118

Provides comprehensive diagnostic evaluations and evidence-based treatment for children with suspected or confirmed autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Ages :18 months to 21 years

18 month waitlist

Referral needed 

Accepts most insurances, Medicaid

Children's Hospital Autism Center

(504) 896-7272

Crossroads Behavioral Health

42334 Deluxe Plaza, Suite 2, Hammond, Louisiana 70403

Provides ASD evaluations


Only Accepts BCBS

They have a cancellation list. They are full until September.


Crossroads Behavioral Health

(985) 662-5520

Butterfly Effects

Largest nationwide provider of ABA therapy for families affected by ASD.

Includes parent-training models.

Accepts most insurance.

Requires a diagnosis for ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)


Families Helping Families - BR

A non-profit resource center organized and directed by family members of individuals with disabilities. We support families whose members have physical, cognitive, mental, emotional, or behavioral disabilities.

Exceptional Lives

Exceptional Lives works with school districts to improve family engagement.

And we offer families the tools and resources you need to support your child.

Louisiana Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities

The Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities (OCDD) serves as the Single Point of Entry (SPOE) into the developmental disabilities services system and oversees public and private residential services and other services for people with developmental disabilities.

Offers waivers and resources for all Louisiana Residents with developmental disabilities. 

Home of EARLY STEPS - the 0-3 year old intervention program for children. At home evaluations and therapies. Medicaid accepted. 

Redstick C.A.R.E.S. 

providing counseling and therapy, programs for people with special needs, disabilities, and/or who may be on the autism spectrum, educational and skill building activities, support groups, school system advocacy, and a dedicated CARES phone line to connect those in need to our programs and resources.

Have a full week of programs for ages 10+

Autism Spectrum Disorder: What Every Parent Needs to Know

By Rosenblatt and Carbone

This fully updated and revised guide offers authoritative, accessible advice about autism that parents can trust.

Find it here

Autism Speaks - Newly Diagnosed 

Autism Speaks has developed a series of comprehensive tool kits to help you and your family access the services and supports you need to get started on this new journey.

The Magnolia Rose Foundation

Support families with autistic children provide a free activity each month for “all” children to give them an opportunity to play together AND learn about each other’s differences. Our mission is to create safe and fun spaces for autistic and neurotypical children to play and learn. To educate parents on inclusion and developmental differences. To establish an environment of growth and understanding of the unique variations in each other.

Beyond Gymnastics

Beyond Gymnastics prides itself on maintaining an inclusive environment that offers a recreational gymnastics experience for every child regardless of abilities, skill level, or backgrounds all while teaching children that it’s okay to play and participate along peers that may be different from themselves.

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