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Parenting Young Children

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Tantrums: What's Better Than Stopping A Tantrum?

One of the most frustrating and potentially embarrassing things our kids can do is have a tantrum. Whether it's stressing you out at home, or you are hunching your shoulders against the looks you fear you'll get if your child has a tantrum in the grocery store, it's never fun.


The first and most important thing to know is that you haven't done anything wrong as a parent. In fact, you're probably doing something right!


Today Dr. Phelan is talking about:

  • The 3 reasons kids have tantrums

  • How often kids have tantrums

  • How to react if your child does throw a tantrum

  • Tips for preventing tantrums in the first place

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Get your kids to behave (without yelling or arguing)

(STOP Behaviors)

“How do I get my kid to stop doing that?!”

Kids will be kids. They are curious, learning, and creating their own sense of identity. And along the way they’re likely to try to push your buttons along with the boundaries that have been set for them. Fortunately, there’s a way to get kids to stop obnoxious behavior without yelling, arguing, or negotiation.

In this video, we cover:

  • What counting is and when to use it

  • What NOT to use counting for

  • The ages of kids that counting will work for

  • Does 1-2-3 Magic counting work with kids with ADHD, on the autism spectrum, and more?

  • The #1 most important thing for parents to remember when using counting

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Using Charting for Good Behavior

(START Behaviors)

In the 1-2-3 Magic program, we talk about two different kinds of behaviors. Most people come to the program because they need help dealing with Stop Behaviors - naughty or obnoxious behaviors like tantrums, whining, manipulation, and more. Because this is the biggest pain point for a lot of parents, this is where we start with the program.

The second kind of behavior is Start Behaviors. These are the good things you want your kids to do like doing their homework, getting up and out in the morning, cleaning up after themselves, and more.

Today we're talking about one of the tactics you can use to help encourage good behavior: charting! (There could be stickers! Kay got very excited about this in the video)

We’re talking about:

  • What Start Behaviors are (as opposed to Stop Behaviors)

  • Exactly what charting is

  • How and when to use it

  • Charting vs. bribery

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Want to Stop Yelling at Your Kids?

We love them, and sometimes they can do things that drive us crazy. Whether it’s your 10 year old dilly-dallying getting ready in the morning, your 3 year old stealing cookies off the counter (yes, all of them), or something else, sometimes your kids make you so mad, you could scream.

And sometimes you do. (Or at least, I know I do.)

Yelling at your kids is probably one of the things, if not the thing you feel most guilty about as a parent. In this week's video, we’re talking about parents and anger management, and what to do when you get irritated.

In this week's video, Dr. Phelan covers:

  • The effect anger has on your parenting

  • The effect that talking, negotiation, and arguing has on your mental health

  • Why it's so important to learn to manage that angry reaction

  • How you can use your irritation constructively

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