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Lisa Williams, LCSW-BACS

Life is too short to suffer, and therapy can offer you support for the places in your life where you feel stuck. 

I work with kids, adolescents and adults who are suffering after a trauma and trying to manage feelings of anxiety or depression. I use therapies that incorporate the mind body connection so that we can adjust how we react to stress and distressing memories. 

I am not available for testifying in court cases involving custody disputes. 

About Me

I have experience working with kids and adolescents as an English teacher in regular and special education classrooms.  This probably contributes to my love of books and all things nerdy. 

I am trained in Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) which is an effective therapy to make rapid progress with anxiety, trauma and grief. ART uses a combination of eye-movements, metaphors and memories to get quick relief from panic attacks, depression, anger and intrusive thoughts.

I also offer the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) which is an interesting and simple intervention that can be used to increase social interaction and decrease emotional overload. Find out more about this intervention here

I graduated from LSU with degrees in Education and Social Work. Before beginning work as a therapist, I worked in schools for 20 years. Since leaving education, I have continued learning about how we can use our imagination and physical movement to change the way we experience the world. 


 Commercial Insurances:


Blue Cross Blue Shield



United Healthcare



Magnolia Health (MS)

Aetna Better Health

Healthy Blue

Louisiana Healthcare Connections

United Community


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