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Does your teen struggle with stress, anxiety and insecurity?
Maybe she feels uncomfortable with her body.​
Or maybe you have noticed that she often feels tense, out of control or unreasonably sad or angry. 

Yoga is a tool that we can use to help get to places that words can't reach.

Our yoga groups focus on teaching the skills needed to

slow the mind, calm the nervous system and increase self-compassion. 

In our 4-week group, teens are taught skills and strategies for managing their daily stress in order to regulate their overwhelming emotions. They will learn the value of self-compassion when trying to make room for change in their lives.


The use of mindful breathing techniques have been proven to improve mental health and emotional well-being, so group participants practice these skills daily in order to find greater joy and peace in their lives.

Groups are limited to 5 participants so that we use the power of connection

to lift each other towards our personal goals. 

Cost of all four sessions is $100.
The group will meet on Mondays at 5pm.
Group members will also receive a link to a private YouTube playlist for yoga and mindfulness practice at home.
Students will continue to have access to the playlist after the live class concludes. 

This is not just your typical yoga class.
We will emphasize mental health skills and breathing techniques designed to reset your nervous system so that you leave each class nourished and refreshed. 
With practice, you will deepen your ability to regulate your emotions when under stress.

Can't commit to the live class, but would like access to the YouTube recordings?
Access the recorded classes and the extras included in the playlist for $50.
Complete the contact form below,
and I will email you a payment link and the password for the online class. 

Don't just take our word for it.

Here's what Harvard Medical School has to say

about using yoga to improve your mental health. 

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When we have enough participants, I will reach out to get started.

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